DJ Raf

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DJ Raf is a producer, sound engineer & DJ, with a specialty in Video DJing. One of the original hip hop musicians from Bangladesh, he’s had the blessing of recording and releasing albums in Bangladesh. His debut project “Kata Taarer Bera” was a production collaboration with Bangladesh’s renowned producer Jasper Al-Rashid. The album had some of the biggest names of Bangladesh Hip hop & played a very important role into shaping Deshi Hip hop towards the newer era of artists with vigorous changes and discovery of a stronger local movement. With all of its participants making their own spaces in the industry after it was released, the album eventually resulted into being one of the few massively successful Hip hop albums in the early era of Bangladeshi Hip hop industry and thus considered an all-time Bengali Hip hop classic.

Copies of the album are widely available all over Bangladesh. It can also be purchased online at
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Now, DJ Raf is working with music & production at his Dream Catcher Studios.
He also performs weekly at Europe Night Club ( and Memoir/Salty’s ( To catch him live, stay updated with his facebook or twitter pages.

DJ Raf is also the CEO & Founder of Level 8, Inc. Level 8 Inc’s mission is to develop and promote Bangladesh music, not only in Bangladesh but worldwide.

He is also the founder and developer of – The Deshi Hip Hop Social Network .. The oldest Deshi Hip Hop marketting & promotion website .