DHH Exclusive: Culture Shock Talk Record Deal and Tour

By: Zaynah Rashid

Culture Shock is a three part emsemble consisting of Baba Kahn, Lomaticc, and Sunny Brown. This group has been entertaining crowds for a couple years and have plenty more entetaining to come! With a new record deal and U.S. tour on the horizon, we caught up with Culture Shock to get all the details.

DHH: Congratulations on the record deal! When were you signed?
Culture Shock: The deal has been in negotiation for over a year now and officially announced recently. It was a matter of ensuring both parties had the same end goal in mind. During negotiations we were looking out for DesiHits and Universal Island just as much as they were looking out for us so it was a bit odd in that sense. In the end everything worked out!

DHH: How were you approached by DH! UMG?
Culture Shock: A few phone calls and a trip to head offices is all it took to start the process. They both had been following us online for quite some time and were fans of the CULTURE SHOCK sound. The fan base we had built online was what sealed the deal so to speak.

DHH: We know you have been touring and dropped “Ex’d Up” on stage before, granted before the song was mastered, but when did you first create “Ex’d Up?”
Culture Shock: Ex’d Up was actually created over a year ago and sat in our vaults. We enjoyed touring it and the crowd reaction to it. When we decided to release it we took it back into the studio and reworked it to a point we thought it was ready to release.

DHH: Who wrote the lyrics for “Ex’d Up?”
Culture Shock: We all had input in the lyrics but I would have to say Lomaticc started much of the process

DHH: Did you go through a break-up?
Culture Shock: No. The song was written more from the point of view of a guy going through a breakup. I believe Lomaticc was watching something and the usual couple breaking up was happening and everything was about the girl. The inspiration then came, but what about what a guy goes through as well. Hence Ex’d Up was born.

DHH: Tell us a bit about your video concept.
Culture Shock: Without revealing too much we wanted to go with something unique. Not the usual clubs, girls, cars thing. We got a hold of some of the best equipment possible on the market and one of the hottest up and coming directors in Canada Jason Mattos. The concept is simply conveying the emotions of a break up in our “unique” fashion.

DHH: As exciting as the music is, we are looking forward to catching you on the Takeover Tour! Tell us your thoughts on the tour.
Culture Shock: We are looking forward to it. We can’t wait to get to our fans again and perform some of our new material on stage. As usual look for a high energy ride from beginning to end!

DHH: You have collaborated with H-Dhami recently on a Dub remix. Can we expect any collabs with other artists on this tour?
Culture Shock: H-Dhami was a great opportunity. He was in town and we were hanging in the studio when the concept to add him on the DUB came up. H is a brilliant artist and banged it out very quickly. To learn from other artists and vice versa is always a treat. Look for a lot of collaborations coming this year!

DHH: Can you reveal anything about the tour?
Culture Shock: Our lips are sealed

DHH: With so much on your plate, are there plans for what’s next?
Culture Shock: 3 new singles are being released in the following weeks along with the CULTURE SHOCK 2.5 Mixtape: LEGAL TENDER. And all our fans can look for a new album early next year. We have a ton of music to get out to everyone!

DHH: Do you have a message for you fans?
Culture Shock: Thanks for the support and we can’t wait to see all of you on tour. New songs, new videos we’ve been working hard for all of you. Make sure to visit www.facebook.com/cultureshockfans to be the first to get our new music!