Sun J Gears Up For A Three City Tour – ‘Reloaded’ Album OUT NOW!

Delhi based rapper, Sun J, just released his debut album “Reloaded” under the banner of The album was launched on all online music marketplaces. Delhi is about to see Hip Hop in a new light like never before! The city’s best line up is gathered at one of the most popping venues in Delhi, Raasta, with Sun J and his crew Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective headlining the gig.

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21247875_10155004870157756_355912085_oStill of Sun J’s performance at “Reloaded” album launch (Venue – Raasta, HKV)

“Reloaded” is a compilation of some of Sun J’s best works till date coupled with unreleased drops. Fan favourites like “Kameena Mode On” and “Seedhe Slum Sey” top the list, while latest music video like “Be Aware” comes with exciting surprise elements! August 30th marked the beginning of “Reloaded Album Tour” from the city that Sun J reps i.e. Delhi.

The launch party is followed by a three city tour leading Sun J to Mumbai and Gurgaon. Venue partners for all the three gigs – Mumbai (October 1st, 2017), Delhi (October 4th, 2017) and Gurgaon (October 14th, 2017) is RAASTA, known to cater to the urban lifestyle of the country’s youth at present. For those who missed the album launch, not to worry as the tri-city tour awaits!

Be Aware (sun j) Album art with all logo's

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Born to a family with extremely modest means, Sun J’s music provides us with a unique narrative about life in the capital’s slum communities that is at once arresting, veracious and informative. Sun J definitely knows how to entertain a live crowd. As a matter of fact, with proper MCing skills, he is a charm to watch live. Moreover, the level of Sun J’s energy is remarkable whenever he has the control over microphone. People who have previously seen him perform at gigs in Delhi and Mumbai understand what we’re talking about.

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While the album launch was lit, the music videos “Be Aware” and “I Am Breakboy” from “Reloaded” are creating a buzz already. Moreover the three city tour is going to be a highly anticipated one. Connect with us to share your views!